Transcript - Adam Trombly, Colorado Springs 1988
Free Energy, Climate change,

As this is the last speech of the conference here, I'm going to give an overview of the development of zero point theory and I'm going to try and take into account all of you have been very patient - The basic principle which we are obviously here to address, was originally elaborated by Nikola Tesla. The sense that Nikola Tesla conveyed of existence was, if not unique, then certainly it was profoundly inspired, not so much by initial analysis but by initial vision.

We have become a rather left brain biased society, an analytically biased society - and as a result of this analytical bias we tend to refute or deny the validity of intuitive jumps or intuitive leaps and insight. Tesla was an extraordinarily prolific inventor obviously, but in addition to being a prolific inventor, he explored very thoroughly, for his time, the dimension of the psyche. And I think that perhaps too often we tend to forget that he himself claimed that the source of his inspiration was not conventional. He saw what he built, and then he described it to a draftsman, and built it. The draftsman was his interface with substance. To consider that when he was riding in his carriage or his Pierce Arrow here inColorado Springs, not to far from where we are right now, he would often see devices in their totality, spontaneously - is quite remarkable.

When you see something in its totality, it tends to have a different meaning than if you tried to put the pieces of the universe back together to arrive at a conclusion. Tesla insisted that he rested in the conclusion in his own psyche. I think this is very important. Tesla was not an analytical apologist, he was not somebody who made gestures to the scientific community to make himself necessarily acceptable in his time. What was acceptable was that he produced. The means by which he produced were often unacceptable, especially in the last couple of decades.

Therefore, we heard a lot about Thomas Edison, and we heard a lot in our education about just about everybody else except Nikola Tesla. The reason I'm sure this Society exists is this left a vacuum, a huge vacuum that is not merely filled by the acknowledgment of Nikola Tesla, but by the acknowledgment of the function of a human being, the function of a being not being polarized to the left hemisphere, but balanced to the two hemispheres of the brain, in other words vision coupled with analysis.

In the development of our generator, which we originally called the "Acyclic Closed MagneticGenerator," vision was implicitly necessary to arrive at our conclusions. Basically we had to work fromvery little information. There were very few explorers in the field and we had to begin to consider that perhaps the way we considered reality actually fundamentally incorrect, that fundamental cornerstones such as the law of induction, for example, that particular cornerstone was not necessarily as we believed it to be.

What stimulated me, and I've said this before, since 1980, was the recognition that certain astrophysical phenomena express energies in excess of what the apparent input is. This is a very common thing in astrophysics, whether you're talking about quasi-stellar objects, or whether you're talking about the planet Jupiter.

When we first found out that the planet Jupiter was developing a looped current between itself and the moon Io, Jupiter was called, in a paper published by a Goddard scientist at NASA, a "homopolar generator". They tried to rationalize that the relative motion between the moon Io and Jupiter was actually responsible for the current that we could measure by virtue of its magnetic flux tube as tested by satellite probe. But when you went through some very simple calculations, you found that was not true. So we decided that we would look into the matter of "Homopolar" generation itself- the history, who came up with it, as Bruce DePalma and others have pointed out. Even though Michael Faraday did an experiment on December 26th, 1831, in which he co-rotated a magnet with a cooper disk and measured a current output. Even though he had done that experiment, his own law of induction tended to ignore thatfact.

A professor with the Royal Society in London, a professor of science history, told me that the originalFaraday cage was designed to keep electromagnetic noise out, but to keep Michael in. You see he playedwith a substance we call mercury, and in those days there was very little appreciation for the toxicity of mercury. And so Faraday apparently suffered from a form of dementia, which we've heard very little about because it's one of the cornerstones of the building we have been living in, in science.

We found out after we found Faraday's diary, after we found the citations of the experiments that he had done, that there was a gentleman by the name of Bruce DePalma in Santa Barbara, California, who had suggested that on the basis of the co-rotation of a magnet and a conductor, which we were at that time contemplating ourselves, it might be possible to generate more energy out from the generator than the input in.

I must say that my initial response to that was probably not as skeptical as some people might be whenthey heard such a thing, because in the field of astronomy an astrophysics it is not uncommon, not uncommon at all to find an object that is obviously exceeding what we "know" to be its thermonuclear,or any other form, it's exceeding the output that it could possibly have by thermonuclear means, byfusion, by fission, by anything we normally consider.

And so, because we had seen that already in space there was this planet Jupiter clearly being a demonstration of what we initially considered to be an anomaly. Clearly putting out three times as much energy as it could be possibly be receiving from the Sun. We decided to reduce to practice a form of generator with the intention of practical commercial use, and through various good fortunes we arrived at funding.

We actually, for this field in those days, got substantial funding. And as a result of that work, we applied for a patent in 1980 which was, as many of you know, denied by the U. S. Patent Office as being implausible to the extreme. The statement was to the effect that, "This device could not even generate electricity." It wasn't that it couldn't generate electricity in excess of input, it was that the machine couldn't generate electricity at all. The patent officer himself was, as many of us, as all of us basically were unfamiliar, he being totally unfamiliar, with the fact that you could co-rotate a magnet with a copper disc, even though we had provided him with a copy of a page from Faraday's diary. He actually suggested that the diary notes might have been something created expo factos.

My initial naiveté in entering this field was rapidly destroyed. We felt that if we could produce a practical, commercial, viable unit, then the world would be very excited indeed. And what we discovered instead was we were dealing with a profound level of inertia;inertia in a frame of reference we didn't normally consider.

Economic inertia, intellectual stasis and dogma. Certainly the explorers in this field, over time, whether it's myself, or Bruce DePalma, or Tewari or going back to Moray, Tesla, Hubble. These people all discovered this inertia. It is an astonishing thing when you first encounter it. It is irrational. It says that no, indeed the Earth is the center and everything revolves around it. And the moons around Jupiter couldn't possibly be doing that what you say.

Galileo wasn't vindicated by the Catholic Church until 1984. If we took that many centuries to acknowledge zero point vacuum fluctuation-based technologies, we will all be dead. And that's the sobering realization that I have come to over the last five years.

Buckminster Fuller was a huge influence in my life. I met him when I was sixteen years old and largely because of his influence I wasn't permanently lost in space – lost in the theoretical level of things. And therefore, when I began to encounter this resistance he said something that was very important to me. He said that every new idea, every new technology, every major breakthrough, has an inevitable period of gestation. He said you must learn to be patient. He had experienced profound resistance, as you may know, to various ideas that he had in the thirties.

I think that what we are really seeing is not the resistance or inertia imposed upon this technology, but instead a resistance to a fundamental shift in perception about the Universe itself.

We have tended to describe ourselves in discrete terms, as encapsulated beings, with rather defined boundary layers, both temporally and spatially. We're born and we die. The boundaries of our body are the boundaries of are being. Inspiration has a difficult time entering into a closed bottle. Where would it come from? Where would it appear? How could Nikola Tesla say he got ideas from space? He was considered a very eccentric and crazy manas a result of his statements. People point out that he always had all these napkins piled up next to his plate. But by the end of his life, people had forgotten that his vision is what is powering these lights. And if we had continued with his vision, we wouldn't have a fossil fuel economy today. And J. P. Morgan and Rockefeller and a number of other individuals would not have amassed extraordinary fortunes on the basis of that fossil fuel economy.

I think this is extremely important for us to understand because when Nikola Tesla's vision was denied apart of our own vision was denied. Just as when Galileo's vision was denied. The fact of the matter is that as we sit or stand here, a field of energy pervades us. This even relatively conventional physicists like John Archibald Wheeler stated in a 1962 article in the Review of Modern Physics: "Energy has a mass equivalence of ten to the ninety-fourth power grams per centimeter." You just need to look in the literature. That ninety-fourth power grams per cubic centimeter represents a rather coherent state. It represents something that we could very easily call a continuum.

But because of the taboo against the idea that you might perhaps be able to get water from the well of space, or what people call "perpetual motion," there has not been a sense of any practical application. Once in a seminar, well over a decade ago, I asked a question I found was extraordinarily taboo, and I said, "Why can't we tap into this field?" It had been established in the literature in Europe by Philip Sipolan (sp?) since 1951 and 1952, that not only did the fluctuation field exist, a fluctuation field of extraordinary energy equivalence. And that the vacuum field was biasable, that it was polarizable. The polarizablity of a vacuum, fluctuation background, I believe is the essential issue, and a very simpleissue indeed that we need to really consider.

David Deutch in 1982 explored briefly in a book called "General Relativity," on Einstein's centenary,which was edited by Hawking, considered very briefly the fact that not only is the vacuum polarizable interms of density, but that an ideal theoretical situation density polarization could asymmetrically approach infinite density and asymmetrically approach negative energy density. That means that within the vacuum fluctuation itself, stress can be created. That means that the vortical dynamic that Tewari speaks of is really not that difficult to imagine, because you have fluctuation density that wishes to remain isotropic, or uniformly distributed, disrupted, polarized, in a curved manifold, and that vacuum density once polarized wants to relax from that stress back into a more isotropic state.

Anybody who studies vortical physics, fluid dynamics, plasma dynamics knows that there is no greater stress than that by which we invoke a vortical momentum. And therefore it is not hard to imagine, if we simply consider the fact that we are dealing with a medium of this extraordinary density. It is not hard to imagine or even begin to feel that just by simply biasing this field in a rotating cylinder or perhaps in an oscillating circuit, by biasing this field correctly, we can precipitate vortical momentum. Now we may only precipitate a quasi-electron. In the vacuum fluctuation of space, their production is occurring all the time. In a bias environment however, where an electrical potential exists, that quasielectron, instead of annihilating with its anti-particle, might indeed be distracted along the potential and find its way into what we refer to very blithely as manifestation. It doesn't necessarily take gig electron volts for this to occur. And that's why Tewari, DePalma, myself and others speak of the generation of power from space.

We need to very simply and seriously consider that it's already in the literature. It isn't just in the literature of the fringe; It's in the literature now even of Physical Review since 1975. Review of ModernPhysics, since 1962. And in the European literature since the 1950's. It's a remarkable thing that because of the bias against so-called "perpetual motion," or so-called, "Free energy," that nobody seems to want to extrapolate what is implicitly obvious. The atom itself can then be seen as a dynamic modification of field space. Only a dynamic modification of field space, with no quality of stasis whatsoever.

Harold Putov, in his May 15th, 1987 article in Physical Review, pointed out that in order for the Hydrogenatom in its ground state not to collapse, it had to be absorbing energy from the fluctuation background. In this moment. This is not something that happened at T equals zero - before the Big Bang. This is something happening at this moment, real time present context, now with every atom and molecule that we see configured before us. It is happening right now.

It is wonderful to have Dr. Putov describe this energy in terms of the Bohr atom. It is implicit that the electron orbit dissipates energy. If we consider that to be a resonant shell with no locatable density bias,then it still pertains because the atom itself, even in its ground state, resonates in space. We have a picture, that we got when we were young, that says a thing is solid, even though particle physicists are telling us that nothing is solid, and while that's all very fascinating on Nova television, we still have a picture that persists. Can an atom, existing in certain states of polarization and stress, perhaps become a conduit drawing upon the energy of space? A transducer in a certain light.

Obviously it must be or else it couldn't exist. The electron itself must be spontaneously appearing out of the background field. If it was not spontaneously persisting then we have to invoke the somewhat Neanderthal concept that everything had to start at a certain moment. And because we have embraced this new cosmology of the Big Bang in the last couple of decades, we have some real problems.

This is not the best forum to go into this in great detail, but I will say this - the Universe is clumpy. That'sa term that is used frequently in astrophysics to describe the fact that mass is not uniformly or isotropically distributed. It is simply not. On a large-scale basis with models that have assimilated datafrom observatories from all over the world, especially over the last few years, we have seen that theUniverse we observe is indeed clumpy. It is in fact concentrated in a way that cannot be the artifact of a Big Bang.

Now that's a bold statement. Alfven (Swiss Nobel Laureate), famous for Alfven waves, has come up withan extraordinarily beautiful description of the Plasma dynamics of space. And so far, interesting to note,although he was considered to be a complete heretic when he came out with his theory, every singleobservation we have made from space with satellite probes, has confirmed his predictions. I think it very important that everybody here who is interested in the reality in which we adhere, become familiar with either the esoteric or the exoteric level of Alfven's work. It's just beginning to appear in the literature. I think Discover magazine had a rather prosaic presentation of it but it was also quite good. (June ‘88; the"Big Bang Never Happened.") If there was not a Big Bang, where things conveniently began with a single event, then we need to begin to consider the fact that something that has a gram equivalence of about a gram per cubic centimeter,which is our body, must be a rather insignificant modification of a field that has a potential of ten to the ninety-fourth power/grams per cubic centimeter.

This impacts the way in which we live together; it impacts the way in which we live with the Earth itself. I had not initially planned today to show some slides from the NASA program, but because this is a cap speech at the end of the day, I feel that it might be very useful to digress for a moment and observe the rather catastrophic impact that the very concept of discrete encapsulation has had upon human existence and the Earth itself.

And I would suggest to you, after considerable study of the subject, which is now becoming accepted in the Literature worldwide, that we cannot sustain the dynamic of human existence any longer unless we begin to transcend the arbitrary, subjective boundaries that we presume to be true, whether these boundaries are about ourselves, or all phenomena of manifest existence. Until we begin to move beyond this anal-retentive state, in which everything must be particularized. Everything being particularized, leaves Humpty Dumpty. We will never be able to re-assemble existence. As Fuller pointed out to me at an early age, "existence is already implicitly whole, we break it into parts in our minds only." It is already unified whether or not we have a unified field theory or not. And as Einstein suggested at his last series of lectures at the Advanced Institute at Princeton, "perhaps we can only appreciate the unified field by entering a conscious relationship with it." Again, this is something that would not have been at all contrary to what Nikola Tesla proposed, and yet some people would be embarrassed to say it. I think we need to very succinctly consider that we cannot continue to burn fossil fuels on this planet, and that we really haven't found anything to do with our nuclear waste.

And that the appearance of bona-fide third party confirmation of the generation of energy from space is a significant event in history. It's not significant because it will make a few men popular, or unpopular. It'snot significant because it will somehow create a minor change in our concept of being. It's significant because it represents a dramatic shift that we desperately need to embrace.

Right now we are sitting at the edge of an unprecedented human catastrophe on this planet. A friend of mine, Sayed, at Texas A&M who has for twenty years been a climatologist, in an elegant experiment recently carried out in Antarctica, has shown clearly that if we lose between 6% and 7% more of the remaining stratospheric ozone the phytoplankton in the oceans will die.

The phytoplankton in our oceans contribute 50% of the oxygen that we enjoy on this planet. It is extremely important to point out that prior to the appearance of photosynthesizing biomass; oxygen was a trace gas which basically appeared through the natural transitions of H2O.

We simply cannot afford to lose any more oxygen than we already have. At this moment, literally hundreds of millions of internal combustion engines are running. A six cylinder engine, of normal displacement, consumes eight hundred thousand (800,000) cubic centimeters of oxygen per hour. Thistransforms the breathable O2 into combustion by-products, an entire spectrum of combustion products. In the last twenty years, in Africa alone, we have destroyed 64% of the biomass ground cover. In the last twenty years! This is a United Nations Environmental Program figure, confirmed by satellite and manned space flight telemetry.

Also, in the last twenty years we have consumed 29% of the photosynthesizing ground cover in Central and South America. In the last twenty years! You cannot consume oxygen at the same time you consume the factories that metabolize CO2 and return O2 to us, and expect to have a sustainable environment. Because as oxygen tensions decrease even a few percent in the troposphere, ozone tensions decrease disproportionately. This is because there is a column of oxygen and other gases that rises from the biosphere to the troposphere and then to the stratosphere. It is on the basis of the mixture of these gases,that we have ozone in the atmosphere.

I would certainly suggest that we can not afford to wait to demand that serious money is applied to this research,Federal money. We need this to happen desperately and we need this to happen immediately. And forthose of us who feel that we can be blasé, and wait and wait and wait until somehow this becomes acceptable, (the implementation of this new kind of technology) let me just say that if we think we can wait; we're sorely deluded.

You wonder why there is a drought in Ethiopia. You hear in Time magazine that the so-called scientistscan't figure out why there is a drought. Well, Ethiopia at the beginning of the century was covered by 43% forest. Ethiopia today is covered by less than 4% forest. How is the hydraulic cycle supposed to maintain itself? This at first, this entire consideration at first, seemed to be in rather left field of the consideration of energy generation. But, as I began to explore it further and further and lectured around the world, I began to discover that most of the human race has been entirely uninformed. Some people have suggested this is rather conspiratorial. The slides you are going to see in just a minute have been available, some of them, for several years. We finally got a few of them on CNN December 25th.

I think when you see them you're going to realize why they are so significant. And as always I would like to thank Richard Underwood of NASA, now retired, for providing these images. They are in the public domain, but anyone who has tried to get photographic data from the NASA space flight program,especially during the Reagan Administration, will find that it is a very difficult thing to do. As a matter of fact, most of the infrared photography is now stored at AMES, and you can't get into the building. Even though this material is not classified, the building itself is off limits.

I would like to have the lights dimmed, and I would like to show these slides and then we can go on fromthere. We can discuss in more detail about this and other things.

This is the way clouds are supposed to look over the rain forest. These are healthy clouds. These clouds are appearing over the Northern Congo area and this photograph was taken in the mid-seventies fromSkylab. Cumulonimbus, Stratocumulus, very beautiful cloud formations and an extraordinary density of water vapor as you can see.

Next slide. This is what the ground looks like after you get rid of the forest. This picture isn't fromAfrica, it's from Brazil, but literally millions of hectares worldwide look like this today. You can see that the watershed to this river, which is the Sao Paulo River, has been almost totally devastated. You can see that evaporation would occur rather rapidly instead of in a moderated sense through the membrane canopy of the forest.

The next slide shows the way clouds look after you do this. By the way, this is the same coordinate almost exactly, taken from the Space Shuttle in 1984, as the slides big billowy beautiful clouds fromSkylab ten years earlier. What you see beneath this cloud bank is now desert. So the cloud building is no longer healthy. Instead of that nice kind of veil of water vapor, you see an extraordinary, Los Angeles scale, optical density. That's dust.

Dust that has been lifted and aerosolized and now remains in chronic suspension over much of theAfrican continent. The clouds are flat. The convective, humid currents that rose from the rain forest no longer carry water vapor in significant quantities.

There was a great effort, a joint effort of the United Nations and several other countries to seed what clouds remain to see if the hydraulic cycle could be restored. Unfortunately somebody forgot to plant anything under the seeded clouds, so the desert is now growing. The Sahara desert is now growing six miles per year and is three thousand mile across. This is significant.

Next slide please. This is to give you an idea of the scale. We are not looking at the desert floor here. We are looking at a pall of dust that stretches as far as the eye can see, to the curvature of the Earth. Twenty-five maybe twenty-eight thousand square miles here. This area all used to be called the sub-Sahara and now is moving into the Sahara. Flat clouds, no rain.

The next slide will show you conclusively that when you see breaks in the pattern, you have a deeper understanding of the optical density. This density is equivalent to a critical day in Los Angeles. This again is chronic and has serious ramifications for us on this continent. Serious ramifications. This has happened because somebody denied vision. This has happened because when in 1906 NikolaTesla said that fossil fuels would one day create a corruption in the entire atmosphere of the Earth, he was called eccentric. Next slide please.

South of the aridification process, in Zaire we have fires. These fires are burning out of control. Theyhave no planes to drop chemicals on the fires. They have no fire departments. They have no money. This is a small area, only a hundred by a hundred miles. You can see where the forest that was once there has already been striped away, and the hydraulic cycle therefore undermined.

The next picture is Angola burning. The CIA did not win the war in Angola, fire did. 13,000,000 acres burned in 1985. When NASA scientists examined this photograph, they thought that this was some sort of strange cloud until they realized it was the combination of the plumes of smoke from the fires. Just consider the area involved, and consider the fact that this is now being visited on our Country.

Alaska, in the last three weeks has lost 750,000 acres to fire. The Secretary of the Interior, Hodel said,"Let Nature take its course." They saved part of Yellowstone that was close to Old Faithful, but decided that the rest of the wildlife habitat was expendable.

And this while we are spending hundreds of millions of dollars producing neutron bombs and other cleankill weapons, which can never be used and God forbid that they ever should be.

The next slide please. This is Junguoy Bay on the coast of Madagascar, and it is not uncharacteristic of bays all over the world now. This is what happens after the deforestation and after the fires. This bay was over six hundred feet deep twenty years ago. Now you can walk across it during the dry season it isso filled with silt. This is happening now, today. It is not theoretical. We have to move now.

Next slide please. This beautiful lake was called Chad. Lake Chad was the size of Lake Erie. Lake Chad supported 1. 8 million human beings in peripheral agriculture and fisheries. The next slide is Lake Chadin 1982. It's the hole that was left when the hydrological cycle was destroyed in Africa. This is not acyclical drought and it is not a drought that will be only visited on Africa. The water vapor distribution on this planet is being changed dramatically by the destruction of biomass.

The water vapor budget on this planet is being changed dramatically because we have failed to feel beyond our own little subjective event horizons. We tend to exist like psychic black holes. We take a lotand give too little.

A few years ago I pointed out at the fourth International conference on Atmospheric, that the drought of1986 and 1988 would occur. Now they have occurred. They are not going to cease because we don't wantthem to occur. They are not going to cease until we realize that we need to mobilize every democracy on this planet, and hopefully this will someday soon include the Soviet Union, to implement this new class of technologies. We can address these issues by planting forests and by using energy generated by these new technologies. Whether you call it an "N" machine or something else, I'm sure these technologies will continue to evolve. By utilizing this energy which we can get directly from the "vacuum" of Space, we can desalinate – re-irrigate.

The Israelis if nothing else have shown us that you can resurrect a desert. We are going to need to resurrect a planet. We cannot posture ourselves and say that National Security comes before the security of the Human race. It is the security of the human race in total that is now threatened.

This is the last slide. I'm only going to show eleven slides today. I think they speak for themselves. Thisveil of dust that stretches out towards the horizon across the Atlantic Ocean, reaching from the CaribbeanSea, in the lower portion, all the way to the African coast. This is not a phenomenon that occurred in one year. This is a phenomenon that occurs every year. Between eight and nine million square kilometers thisyear. (8-9,000,000 square miles) This dust acts as condensation nuclei for water vapor causing precipitation in the south, over the water, in Honduras, in Nicaragua, while the Midwest and Southeast are parched. We are changing the way things work and we haven't even begun to inspect the ramifications. It isn't just the Greenhouse Effect, it's a much more complex issue.

Only by stepping over the threshold into a more synergistic view, which is not just a kind of convenient term bandied about for the sake of the "New Age," but only by entering into a more synergistic view which acknowledges the inherent coherence of phenomena, can we begin to comprehend the fact thatwhen you do something here it affects something over there. In quantum geometrodynamics, actually in a number of other studies, what we call action at a distance, in a coherent field, distance is no longer presumed. I hope that this all has said something. Fuller's suggestion was that Project Earth should either determine whether there was a reason why we had to implement these technologies, or whether it was no big deal. "Can we last longer? - I need to get my next grant from DuPont. " To produce more chlorofluorocarbons? "Yes, it does seem that it might have that effect, but if I say that in the literature than I am defying my contract." Scientific integrity, which used to be something that characterized science, is something that is sadly lacking in too much of the scientific community. Too many have become grant whores and parasitic on society, posturing themselves as authorities, condemned to the inertia of the past and past conceptualizations of reality.

Recently I was lecturing at John Hopkins, which is in itself sort of a miracle, about zero point physics and while we were considering zero point physics somebody said, "Well this is all well and good thatmister Tewari did this over in India, and that it's all well and good that you've done this in the UnitedStates – DePalma, it's all well and good to demonstrate it, but what about the United States government?" "I mean wouldn't the United States government be doing something?" the child asked. A sixty-two year old child, a very nice man actually. And I said all you need to do is get a hold of the 1986 fiscal year"Request for Proposals" published by the Department of Defense.

Look on page 193 of that document and you will see something very interesting. In AF section, which isAir Force section 86-77 subsection 6, you will see that a government which denies the reality of zeropoint technologies is requesting - "further research into esoteric energies heretofore unknown including the zero point dynamic fluctuations of Space." - for propulsion. But it doesn't exist you see - But we want you to research it if you have a bona fide organization that happens to be a prime contractor with triple security clearance. This for propulsion for the Air Force when the entire human race is threatened. Now there is a certain kind of insanity somewhere implicit in that. It's in the literature, you can order a copy from Project Earth, or call the Pentagon. This is not a classified document. I won't getin trouble for saying anything. This is actually a program that is ongoing, right now, today, within the government enclave. Call Los Alamos and ask a question about it and you might get a very long silence on the other end. Call Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, their Aberdeen Testing grounds. The same phenomenon will probably occur.

A significant amount of funding is going to make sure that this irrelevant, mythical phenomena is applied to weapons systems and weapons carrying systems. Something is very wrong about that. I don't believe that anybody sitting in this room would say that it's in the best interest of our people, or any people of the world, for this kind of technology to be applied outside the realm of civilian application at such a time. Six to seven percent further depletion in stratospheric ozone and we are seeing depletion rate trends that indicate that this level of loss will occur very easily within the next two decades. Those of us who have really considered this, and as you consider it more and more I'm sure you'll realize that two decades passvery quickly, for all of us. It doesn't give us time, as I said before for subjectivity.

This field has survived, but not on the basis of being acceptable in the literature. Tewari has tried to publish. I know the IEEE (International Electrical and Electronic Engineers) is in involved in this conference, but Tewari tried to publish in IEEE and was summarily rejected. Many of us have tried to publish and have been rejected. The reason Tewari even bothered to try to duplicate this "Acyclic ClosedMagnetic Generator," after years of correspondence with DePalma, was because he was able to convince some mechanical engineers that it had some engineering method. You see they actually did material stress analysis.

We also analyzed. We used beryllium copper for a reason. It's just engineering. There are a lot of you in this room who are perfectly capable of doing it. There was nothing magical. We just operated on a different presumption. We said, "Maybe this experiment will work." And if it doesn't work, well then it'slike 88% of the rest of them. If it does work, then there is another level of confirmation.

Robert Kinchloe, Professor Emeritus of Stanford University, went to visit the, how can we call it, the encumbered "Sunburst Machine". This machine was originally developed by DePalma, Richardson andBernard at Sunburst Farms, Santa Barbara, California. Dr. Kinchloe just out of curiosity of his own mind,decided that he would just see if there was something about it that was unusual. He presented a paper on it and I understand that it only got to Bruce through somebody else. But that's not unusual, my own attorney directed my attention to an article I never knew existed. It's funny about that.

It's funny when representatives from our own Government look me straight in the eye and say, "Yes we know this is real, but we wonder why you would disclose it to foreign nations?" I said, "I didn't disclose it to foreign nations. It was in an international publication in 1982 and I didn't even know it." I would suggest to you that it's time for us to not simply entertain a curiosity. I would suggest to you that it's time for us to enter a human process of inter-relationship, to try to attempt to reintegrate ourselves with one another and not in a floaty kind of "new age" sense necessarily at all. Just call ten people and ask them to each call ten people and tell them that we have an emergency on our hands. Demand that the people we are hiring represent us, supposedly, not the major corporations. We are hiring these people to represent US! Which one of you has the power to lobby in Washington? We need to send a very clear message to Washington that states, "Gee, don't you think its silly to betalking about Star Wars? We're only talking about Global Genocide." This without doing anything except for what we are doing right now. We don't have to drop a bomb or fight a war. Just continue exactly as we are now. All we have to do is remain in this collective state of inertia. And I don't personally believe we are going to do that. I don't believe that human beings are not going to rise to this occasion. I don't believe it for a second.

But, I do believe we need first to understand what we are confronted with. And then we need to understand that we can do something about it. We need to act, and we need to act like somebody who is being chased by a hot poker, or someone who cares. Whichever your response is, Act! Ten people calling ten people calling ten people, covers the country in a week. It's called "ExponentialNetworking". I didn't come up with the idea, Fuller did. Call ten people. Ask them to call ten people and find out what happens. It's the equivalence of an electron avalanche in human society. It works. So, I wanted to try to give a wrap-up and I wanted to cite the fact that we wouldn't be here if it weren't for somebody's vision. Yes, their vision was applied. Yes, their vision, his vision, Nikola Tesla's vision was brought into life. Otherwise he would have been a mere mystic, wouldn't he? Yes, we do have to sit down with our Macintoshes, or sit with our Hewlett Packard 41C calculators. We had a lot of money (for this field). A total between the two phases of the experiment of about $200,000. And now I'm finally happy to say it looks like it's going to be produced, or at least this one is going tobe produced. It looks like DePalma is also moving into that modality.

We are certainly hoping that more people will come out of the woodworks and say, "Hey, well I've had this thing for the last thirty years but I was told that if I brought it out into the Public when I was working at Los Alamos twenty years ago, they would basically permit character assassination to ensue." It's hard to believe in some ways, and I don't want to paint a black picture, but I think we have to see the end of times when the New York Times calls a National Center of Atmospheric Research scientist to ask,"How come everyone in the world says that the Reagen report on Acid Rain is a lie?" And the man answers, "You don't understand the kind of pressure we're under here. People's careers are in jeopardy." This when all our lives are at stake.

So I would like to open the floor to questions - I raised a question in another seminar about the oxygen depletion, and the speaker told me that even if we were to kill all the forests at once it would take a very long time for the oxygen to dissipate out of the atmosphere. We are talking about a change in the mixture of gases, okay? There are people who say that even if you combusted all the carbon on the Earth, biomass and post-biomass, the oil reserves, everything, there would still 75% of the oxygen in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, they fail to take certain things into account. For example: Today we sit, and if you knew what we went through to get this acknowledged in the world press (And it would take me an hour to tell you), but we now have it publicly acknowledged by NASA that we have between a 2. 3% and 6. 6% depletion in world wide atmospheric ozone depending on latitude and time of year. This not taking into account the rather large depression over Antarctica.

When this level of ozone depletion occurs, the level of Ultra-violet influx increases the probability ofPhotosynthesis in the lower atmosphere. So, the O2 is preferentially converted into H2O3 for example. This would normally only appear in great quantities after a lighting storm in the past.

We have a lot of H2O3 in the atmosphere. We have a lot of O3 in the Troposphere, which until very recently was being attributed to internal combustion. But O3 was appearing in large quantities in ruralareas where there was very little internal combustion, relatively speaking. It became an embarrassment when the Department of Agriculture had to admit that 2.6 Billion worth of crops were being destroyed per year by ozone alone.

So the photosynthetic reaction that is occurring as the result of increased Ultra-violet influx must betaken into account if we are going to begin to understand what is going to be sustainable in terms of oxygen tensions. It is the mixture of gases that rise from the Biosphere through the Troposphere and into the stratosphere, that determines the tension of ozone, O3.

The Nimbus satellite, by the way which NASA has conveniently said is out of calibration even though it was in fine calibration last September, and in almost perfect agreement with the instrumentation on the ground in Antarctica. Which by the way at the center of the Antarctic hole, six miles up, we had 96%depletion levels last year. (1987) The jumpsuits worn by some of my friends from the Center forAtmospheric Research, please understand there are a lot of good people there, people there I respect a lot, their nylon jumpsuits were actually degraded by Ultra-violet exposure in just one flight. Several people had serious eye injuries.

Now anybody who is going to suggest that this type of influx is not going to effect the species of molecules that we have in the atmosphere, and the mixture of those gases, is denying an extremely important fact. So whereas I'm not suggesting we're all going to die of anoxia, what's going to happen when the phytoplankton in the oceans die? They are the basis of the entire oceanic food chain. If you are not familiar with them, they are the little critters that actually made all this possible. This conference would not be occurring today without their sponsorship. I think we need to realize that we are sponsored by living things, and we need to support them so they can support us. Does that answer your question?Yes, Thanks.

It occurs to me that the resurrection of Nikola Tesla's vision and other people who have had the vision of the quantum ether, may yet be called on for a second offering. I think it's a good time to invest in thissecond offering of free energy. We did not invest the last time and now we are paying for it. I don't want to see anybody suffer. What will it be like in ten years, when already the American Cancer Society says that even with sunscreen protection ratings of 15 SPF, direct sun exposure should be limited to an hour? I hope the Tesla Society will prosper, and move into a new age of manufacturing, implementation and further Development. I want what has happened so far top be totally obsolete in ten years. One kilowattin your pocket, why not? There is absolutely no reason why not. You've got ten to the ninety-fourth power, grams per cubic centimeter energy equivalent field. It's not in a great big area, but it's a Lot of energy. If we can just scrape the surface, ever so slightly, we would never have to worry about it again. That's what Nikola Tesla was scheduled to tell Franklin Delanor Roosevelt back in 1943. In 1943 he had proposed to FDR that perhaps we should look carefully at the fact that we can get all the energy we needfrom any space we happen to be in.

He didn't show up for his meeting with the president. He was found dead in his apartment, "Natural causes". There is some suspicion that maybe his visionary paranoia of poisoning was not exactly paranoia, but premonition.

I have never mentioned this before, but when I spoke at the 1981 Conference at the University ofToronto, a detective, an older gentleman from New York, with a heavy New York accent, approached me afterwards and said that he was a detective at the time when Tesla had been found dead, and said he was involved with the investigation.

He said for National Security reasons, that nobody was to know that the Coroners report had indicated he had been poisoned.

I have never personally read the Coroner's report, but the man was about the right age. He showed me a badge and I had no reason to doubt this man who had come all the way up to Toronto from New York,just to tell somebody after all those years.

The Coroner's report did say he had been poisoned. Now it turns out that the only medium to my knowledge that actually cites that Tesla had been poisoned is the Yugoslavian film on Nikola Tesla called,"The Secret of Nikola Tesla". So everybody can rewatch the introduction, because they say it right at the beginning. And they also say perhaps that he was killed by the Nazi's. I did not really want to mention all this, but science cannot exist in an environment where science is not allowed to grow.

Any other questions? Well you have all been a tremendously patient group, Thank you for your attention.

Thank you Adam.