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Bruce DePalma graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1954. Over the next 40 years he would conduct series of experiments which would lead to earthshaking implications regarding principals of rotating masses. This website and media presented herein is dedicated to his series of experiments and his life’s work.


Earlier observations laid the foundation to rediscover Michael Faraday’s idea of rotating a magnet and extracting the electricity from the conductor and magnet connected together. A Homopolar design. It was DePalma’s belief that this configuration would produce efficiencies greater than 100% which would mean producing more energy out-put than the energy required to rotate the device.

Clearly at odds with established physical laws, his work has been ignored by the traditional scientific community.

This documentary and website is dedicated to the spirit of Bruce DePalma, who with courage challenged conventional thinking and recorded his observations for future repetition. He truly believed that the job of the scientist is to up-lift humanity, "To help those who by circumstance do not have the knowledge or resources to help lift up themselves."

DePalma’s dream of inexpensive, non-polluting energy generators has been demonstrated world wide. The last device he built, the Quadropole generator, was reliably tested in New Zealand in 1996, and produced calometrically measured heat in excess of the total electrical energy powering the device!


DePalma and The Homopolar Generator

1988 lecture at the Tesla Society outlining rotational experiments which led to the rediscovery of Faraday's Homopolar Generator configuration. Addition footage of construction of the N-Machine.

DePalma Live on KPFK Television (part 1)

The long awaited FULL 3 HOURS in Two Parts

DePalma Live on KPFK Television (part 2)

The long awaited FULL 3 HOURS in Two Parts

Adam Trombly on Bruce DePalma, Zero Point Energy, Climate Change

Adam Trombly lectures about climate change and building his own version of an N-Machine. Additional confirmation of the science of Zero Point energy exploration combined with clear statements of environmental responsibility. A transcript is available here.Trombly’s creates ProjectEarth.com as his response to the information presented.

DePalma/Trombly/Tewari – The "Roundtable" Discussion

Historic meeting and discussion between scientists DePalma, Trombly, and Tewari after the 1988 Tesla Conference where each of them were speaking. A candid discussion about the future.

Professor Tewari On Electron Spin and Bruce DePalma

Professor Tewari is a top nuclear engineer in India. Through his own investigations and theorizations his work supports both DePalma and Trombly. He outlines his theory of electron "spin" which is published as "Beyond Matter," and presents further documentation of his building of his own N-machines.


Bruce DePalma

Earlier observations laid the foundation to rediscover Michael Faraday’s idea of rotating a magnet and extracting the electricity from the conductor and magnet connected together. A Homopolar design. It was DePalma’s belief that this configuration would produce efficiencies greater than 100% which would mean producing more energy out-put than the energy required to rotate the device.

Physicist Bruce DePalma has a 100 kilowatt generator, (N-Machine) which he invented, sitting in his garage. Educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, he claims that his electrical generator can provide a cheap, inexhaustible, self sustaining and non- polluting source of energy, using principles that flout conventional physics and are still not fully understood. His N machine, as it is called, is said to release the "free energy" latent in the space all around us. DePalma views his device as an innovation that could help to end the world’s dangerous dependence on supplies of oil, gas, and other polluting fuels.

The DePalma generator is essentially a simple magnetized flywheel. His astonishing claim is that the present version of the N machine can generate up to five times more power than it consumes. This, of course, defies the basic law of the conservation of energy, which says that the output of energy cannot be more than the input. Most physicists simply refuse to look at DePalma’s findings and dismiss his theories out of hand.

Yet "proof of principle" for his invention was apparently provided when a large N machine, dubbed the Sunburst, was built in 1978 in Santa Barbara California. The Sunburst machine was independently tested by Dr. Robert Kincheloe, professor emeritus of electrical engineering at Stanford University. In his 1986 report (presented to the Society for Scientific Exploration, San Francisco, 6/21/86), Kincheloe noted that the drag of the rotating magnetized gyroscope is only 13 to 20 percent of a conventional generator operating at an ideal 100 percent efficiency. The DePalma N machine therefore could produce electricity at around 500 percent efficiency.

In Kincheloe’s cautious summary: "DePalma may have been right in that there is indeed a situation here whereby energy is being obtained from a previously unknown and unexplained source. This is a conclusion that most scientists and engineers would reject out of hand as being a violation of accepted laws of physics and if true has incredible implications."

"The jury is still out on the DePalma N machine," says physicist Harold Puthoff, a senior fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas. "It isn’t clear where the reported excess energy is coming from – whether out of the electromagnetic field or as the result of some anomaly associated with rotating bodies in terms of inertia. The DePalma machine needs to be replicated on a broad scale to see if it actually works. Though I’m rather skeptical, I certainly would encourage independent laboratory experimentation. While such a phenomenon would have seemed to absolutely go against the law of energy conservation a number of years ago, we now recognize that the potential for extracting energy out of so called empty space is in fact a reality."

Dr. Puthoff believes that a new, non polluting energy source may be achieved by tapping the force of random fluctuations of jostling virtual particles within a vacuum. "We now know that empty space is filled with what are called vacuum fluctuations: huge amounts of energy that suddenly burst forth from the nothingness of space. Zero Point Energy is the general term applied to the theories that attempt to explain the concept of tapping into the abundant power available directly from the vacuum of space itself. (See: Volatile Vacuums)

DePalma described his N machine and outlined a theory to explain its workings in a paper, "On the Possibility of Extraction of Electrical Energy Directly From Space," published in the British science journal, Speculations in Science and Technology (Sept 1990, Vol 13 No 4). So far, the scientific establishment either has ignored DePalma’s controversial claims or remains unaware of them.

DePalma is quick to point out that the N machine is not a perpetual motion machine, that mythical contraption long sought by many frustrated inventors. "The perpetual motion machine is only supposed to run itself. It could never put out five times more power than is put into it. Perpetual motion schemes used conventional energy sources, whereas the N machine is a new way of extracting energy from space."

In India, eminent engineer Paramahamsa Tewari is currently testing his invention, called the Space Power Generator (SPG), which essentially replicates DePalma’s N machine. With 5 kilowatts total power input, the SPG is reportedly yielding 30 kilowatts of electrical power output. (correspondence to B. DePalma 8/13/90).

Tewari, a senior engineer with India’s Department of Atomic Energy-Nuclear Power Corporation, also directs the Kaiga Project, India’s largest atomic power facility, in Karnataka. He freely acknowledges his debt to DePalma, who has shared his experimental results with Tewari for many years. According to Tewari, "The electrical power generated by the Space Power Generator is indeed commercially viable and should be brought to the notice of the general public." He has urged India’s Atomic Energy Commission to create an independent research group to advance free energy technology. Tewari also credits John Wheeler, the prominent American physicist and discoverer of the black hole, for his steady encouragement. Wheeler, who had been searching for a mathematical theory that would predict free energy, applauded Tewari for his efforts to develop such a theory, and the two scientists corresponded for a number of years.

The Japan Science Foundation, under Japanese government auspices, awarded grants to two universities and one company to produce models of the N machine and to investigate how it works. Kazama Giken Corporation is commercially supplying small N machines for research and educational purposes. Another Japanese company, Panasonic/National, is also pursuing this technology. Shiuji Inomata, Ph D president of the Japan Psychotronics Institute and senior scientist at the Electrotechnical Laboratory in Ibaraki, has been instrumental in sparking the interest of Japan’s scientific community in the N machine.

"One day man will connect his apparatus to the very wheelwork of the universe… and the very forces that motivate the planets in their orbits and cause them to rotate will rotate his own machinery," predicted Nikola Tesla, the Croatian born American electrical genius whose discoveries and inventions rival those of Edison. Proponents of the N machine believe that it taps directly into a primordial energy source, meshing with the wheelwork of the cosmos.

"Electrical engineering took a wrong turn 160 years ago," according to Tewari, referring to English scientist Michael Faraday’s pioneering work of the world’s first dynamo. In 1831, Faraday performed a series of experiments which led to the modern electric induction generator, having two moving parts–a rotor and a stator. Faraday moved a wire near the pole of a magnet, producing an electrical potential across the ends of the wire. This induction principle is used in all the electrical generators we use today. And that’s precisely what Tewari means by a "wrong turn." In that same year, 1831, Faraday also performed a simple yet ingenious experiment with a rotating magnetized conductor. The resulting phenomenon (free energy?) has yet to be explained in terms of conventional scientific theory.

By cementing a copper disc on top of a cylinder magnet, and rotating the magnet and disc together, Faraday created an electrical potential. After pondering this phenomenon for many years, he concluded that when a magnet is rotated, its magnetic field remains stationary.

Thus, he reasoned, the metal of the magnet moves through its own field, and the relative motion is translated into electrical potential.

Faraday’s experiments led him to the revolutionary conclusion that a magnetic field is a property of space itself, not something attached to the magnet, which merely serves to induce or evoke the field.

Known for over 150 years, the Faraday homopolar generator, as his contraption is called, has been viewed by a handful of visionary inventors as a basis for evoking the free energy latent in space. They see is as the prototype for a generator capable of providing its own motive power with additional energy to spare. When the world embraced Faraday’s two piece induction generator, whose drawbacks include mechanical friction and electrical losses, the enormous potential of the Faraday homopolar generator was abandoned, in the opinion of free-energy proponents.

Following in Faraday’s footsteps, DePalma in 1978 speculated that free energy could be tapped from the matrix of space simply by magnetizing a gyroscope. "I reasoned that the metal of the magnetized gyroscope moving through its own magnetic field, when rotated would produce an electrical potential between the axle and the outer edge of the rotating magnetized flywheel."

This insight led to his N machine, essentially a one piece rotating magnetized flywheel, Instead of having a rotor and a stator, as do conventional generators, the N machine only has a rotor. Half of the flywheel is the north pole, the other half is the south pole. One electrical contact is put on the axle, another contact is placed on the outer edge of the gyroscope, and presto, electricity is taken directly out of the magnet itself.

For 150 years after Faraday’s controversial experiment, no one bothered to see whether or not a rotating magnet generator would have to do the same amount of work as a conventional induction generator in order to produce an identical power output. Then, in 1978, the Sunburst homopolar generator was built. Testing determined that its output power exceeded the input needed to run the machine, that it was significantly more efficient that an induction generator.

Opinions differ as to the exact mechanisms by which the N machine generates energy. In 1977 Tewari created a minor sensation when he put forth the theory that space is filled with a dynamic medium whose swirling motion is the source of all matter and energy. In his Space Vortex Theory, more fully developed in his 1984 book, Beyond Matter, the Indian engineer inventor postulated that a void lies at the heart of the electron– a void whose high speed rotation within a vacuum could produce energy from space. Tewari’s theory is based on the assumption that the electron has a definite structure, and is not just a homogeneous "droplet of charge."

According to Tewari, the movement of "voids" in the spinning magnetized cylinder of his Space Power Generator liberates free energy out of the space between the machine’s axis and the magnet. He readily admits that this sounds incredible, by the yardstick of known laws of physics. Tewari says he never would have developed his theory had he been trained as a physicist rather than as an engineer, since his ideas differ so radically from conventional physics.

"Tewari’s explanation is perfectly possible," comments DePalma. "He is attempting to conceptualize what’s happening between the atoms and where the energy is liberated."

"My own approach," continues DePalma, "is that space is all around us like the sea of water the fish swim in. The only way you know it’s there is to distort it in some way, and the simplest way to distort space is with a magnet." DePalma maintains that his own conception of magnetism as a distortion of a pre-existent homogeneous field is, "the first new thought on the fundamental nature of magnetism since Oersted." For example, modern science says that energy is a constant substance in the universe, and that the conversion of energy from one form to another will lead to the heat-death of the universe eons from now. In contrast, DePalma says, "My cosmos is an open-ended universe, one in which energy can be evoked from space itself. All energy comes from space," he maintains, "and there are various processes which can release this energy, the simplest of which is lighting a match or rubbing two sticks together."

Suppose you light a candle. The heat in the flame derives from the release of latent heat stored in the wax, according to the textbooks. Nonsense says DePalma. The law of energy conservation is pure assumption, he insists. In his theory, the heat of a lit candle comes from space, and this substrate is slowly consumed by the energy of space flowing through it.

When you drive a car, the heat latent in the gasoline is extracted through burning, which propels the pistons. Right? Wrong says DePalma. His understanding of the process is that the gasoline-air mixture, catalyzed by an electric spark, acts as a "molecular antenna" to release energy from space. Heat energy thus releases or cooks or burns the substance with its evoking it in the first place, producing exhaust as a result.

Likewise, when a magnet is rotated, DePalma theorizes, the electrical current comes from the space through which the magnet is drawing its energy, not from the magnets mechanical rotation.

The turning point in DePalma’s scientific career came while he was a lecturer at M.I.T., in the late 1960′s when he began pondering the inadequacies of physical explanations regarding the gyroscope. Were there deeper principles operating in the behavior of rotating objects?

Understanding the Dropping of the Spinning Ball Experiment

One of the first experiments he did was designed to detect if there was any difference in gravitational effect on a rotating object verses non-rotating object. The idea was actually initiated by a student of DePalma’s and after an extensive search in the literature, no evidence could be found that the experiment had been performed before. It became an educational exercise to see if this variation on Galileo’s big rock verses little rock falling experiment would show any variation in the rate of fall.

At this time DePalma was a senior scientist specializing in photographic sciences with the Polaroid Land Corporation and lecturing part time at M.I.T. His expertise ranged from high speed stroboscopic photography, his mentor was the highly regarded Dr. Harold Edgerton, to Physics and Electrical Engineering. With this background he designed an experiment using two 1 inch diameter ball bearings, one not rotating and one rotating 18,000 rpm produced by a hand router. The assembly then was given a precisely measured thrust and photographed in the dark with a 60 cycle strobe light. Repeating this numerous times, and analyzing the parallel trajectories of the ball bearings as documented photographically, did indeed reveal a variation in the gravitational behavior of the rotating ball bearing verses the non-rotating ball bearing. The rotating ball given the same thrust, went to a higher point in its trajectory, fell faster, and hit the bottom of its trajectory before the non-rotating ball bearing. A second test repeatedly demonstrated a small but significant and clearly perceptible effect with a stationary mechanism designed to drop the ball bearings from a height of only six feet.

After years of reflection on these results he wrote an evaluation on May 3, 1977 called, "Understanding the Dropping of the Spinning Ball Experiment."

Summary of Conclusions

1. Rotating objects falling in a gravitational field are accelerated at a rate greater that G, the commonly accepted rate for non-rotating objects falling in a vacuum.

2. Pendula utilizing bob weights which are rotating, swing non-sinusoidally with time periods increased over pendula with non-rotating bobs.

3. A precessing gyroscope has a measurable anomalous inertial mass, greater than its stationary mass.

4. An anomalous field phenomenon has been discovered, the OD field, which confers inertia on objects immersed within it. This field is generated by the constrained forced precession of a rotating gyroscope.

Secret of the Force Machine

One of the early devices DePalma used to observe these effects consisted of an apparatus that he called the, "Force Machine," which consisted of two counter-rotating gyroscopes described in "The Generation of a Unidirectional Force." April 22, 1974.

The archetypical gravitational engine or Force machine is a combination of two counter-rotating gyroscopes with axles parallel and rotors co-planer. Constructed in 1971, the machine weighed 276 pounds. The assembly was suspended from a spring scale and the gyroscopes driven counter rotating to each other at 7600 rpm. Under these circumstances, the support cylinder was then rotated itself at 4 rpm to precess the two gyros. Precisely accurate measurements, consistently demonstrated 4-6 pounds of weight loss.

A variation of this device also described in this paper as the"Linear Force Machine," provided enough propulsion or "force against space itself" or "space drive" effect to propel someone across the room on a small cart.

In another experiment showing the properties of an "inertial field" created by the proximity of a rotating object, the frequency of a tuning fork in an Accutron watch is changed by this field effect as demonstrated by the variation in the time shown on the watch.

The results of the Spinning Ball Experiment were published in the British Scientific Research Association Journal in 1976. This experiment was also outlined personally by DePalma to Dr. Edward Purcell, one of the most eminent experimental physicists from Harvard at that time. According to DePalma, Purcell, after contemplating the experiment for several minutes, remarked "This will change everything."

Also, Adam Trombly was at this same time being denied the ability to Patent his electromagnetic version of a homopolar generator by the United States Patent office. Their statements were to the effect that this particular configuration of a generator was, "implausible to the extreme." Others in the field were being threatened with a document referred to as Title 35, which is a cease and desist order related to national security and secrecy. This is a real document and it is very intimidating to be threatened by it – prison and fines.

Paramahamsa Tewari, which much faith had been placed as a third party confirmation, was getting press but people were prejudice about the confirmations coming from India. This even though he was a senior governmental scientist, and the Director of a Nuclear Power plant at the time.

While the "N" effect was being validated elsewhere around the world, in United States the lack of support had led DePalma to consider offers of support from outside the country. The basic ability to feed and house himself became the constant primary concern, and something had to change for the sake of the research and physical well being of the inventor.

After meeting with everyone from the head of the Institute of Theoretical Physics in Santa Barbara, to the principles of Northern Pacific Railroad, no one would risk investment in DePalma. It revolved around two positions. One was the problem that no other physicists would agree that it was possible to extract electricity directly from a magnet, and two, every investor actually capable of producing the technology was hopelessly invested in industry which would be hugely negatively impacted by the development of an alternative energy source.

George Bush the First then invaded Kuwait, and DePalma could see the Future. Perpetual war for Peace and OIL. The Country to which he had been born, now looked to him like someplace unfamiliar. His principle financial supporter had been Court ordered, on instructions from the supporter’s family, not to give him any more money.

DePalma left for Australia the night of the largest racial riot in Los Angeles’s history.

Over the next four years he would produce several next generation N-machine demonstration models, culminating in a Quadrapole version which was documented using electrical input verses calorimetrically measured heat output – confirming efficiency greater than 100% !

Bruce E. DePalma applied for and received citizenship in New Zealand in 1994. He graduated in 1997 and is buried on the edge of a beautiful beach in Karekare near Auckland.

DePalma’s Last Letter to the United States

From: DePalma Institute
To: Joseph Newman
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 21:00:21 +1200
Subject: Energy

Dear Evan:

Thank you for your interest in my work. I seem to recall we had spoken in the past when I was in America. There are two aspects to the treatment of inventors.

1) Inventors who come up with inventions are highly protective of their work being that they have spent substantial time and money achieving their goal. They know the mendacious amorality of the world of money and business. In order to succeed in this world takes a combination of luck, skill, finance, and a good idea. Only some succeed.

2) Energy, applied through science, motivates the civilized world. It is more basic than money, which is only a paper promise. The inventor is the wild card in the world of finance. A new source of energy could bring down the empire. Yes, I along with Joe Newman and Robert Adams truly know the magnitude of the beast. I make all my ideas public as I see myself more as a basic physical scientist and teacher than an inventor. My solution was to leave the United States to find a place where I was not altogether encouraged but not discouraged. I am much happier here in New Zealand.

Thank you for the Email of the two faxes you received. I am not surprised to see the big boys are at work. The handwriting is on the wall. I had read some of Ehrenhaft’s work in the past. It shows we don’t know all there is to know about light, magnetism and electricity. My theory is that there is no theory. All we know is what we know from experience. My advice to Joe is to go where he might be appreciated. Where he is going and where America is heading are two separate directions. If you need anything from me don’t hesitate to ask.

Best wishes,

Bruce DePalma

N.B. God is in charge of this world. The truth is only for those who’s ears hear the truth and who’s eyes see the truth.

An Open Letter from Bruce DePalma to Space Energy Association Newsletter

Published as an editorial in the October -November 1992 Space Energy Newsletter (Quarterly) Vol. III, No. III, New-energy-solutions, Copyright (c) 2008

7 September 1992

Bruce DePalma
c/o Unlimited Vision
P.0. Box 248 Mullumbimby, N.S.W.
2482 Australia

Space Energy Association – SEA/US
Alternate Energy Systems
c/o Don Kelly
P.0. Box 11422 Clearwater, FL U.S.A. 34616

Dear Don,

This an open letter which you may publish in your Space Energy Journal. I very much appreciate all the coverage you have given the N machine in recent issues, and having been out of the United States now for five months and I can look back at America with somewhat clearer vision than I could see things from being in the midst of them while I was there.

I received two letters from you which came from William Hyde and Paul Brown, William Hyde being associated with his electrostatic machine; Paul Brown has done a lot of work in flux transformers and nuclear batteries, but I am not totally acquainted with his present work. At any rate they both have finally wakened to the fact that Free Energy technology is oppressed in the United States. And since I am here in Australia, and can see things more clearly than when I was in the U.S, I thought I had a few things I might add to their observations.

Yes, I have been threatened for my life. The first threat came from Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut who told me that the Government had said there "never was any doubt that the N machine was the Free Energy machine they were looking for, and if I tried anything on my own in California I would have my head blown off. And the CIA warned me via Mitchell that I should not leave the country because I would be kidnapped. This was back in 1980, when these efforts frightened me out of going to Hanover, Germany for Dr. Nieper’s first Gravity Field Energy Conference, which is where P. Tewari brought his N machine from India and got the prize for the most clearly observable Free Energy phenomena to date.

In later years I have had my inventions confiscated by various groups, the first being the Sunburst Community, which helped me build the N machine you wrote about in your last issue, when their leader got dollar signs in his eyes and decided to see what he could do with it without DePalma. Later on other groups tried to manipulate me and control me in the sense that they would get everything out of me technically without any assurances that I would be paid for any more than one year’s work. In fact, Mitchell’s contract with me was a deal he was trying to set up where he was going to have to raise 150 – 300 million dollars and start a company which would be the size of General Motors in three to five years, and from then on, who knows? Out of this I would get a one year employment contract and $30,000 and the possibility of maybe owning one or two percent of the operation; something I turned down because of my lawyers advice. And Mitchell, of course, blew up.

So then after that I had a deal with a company in Southern California called Micro CoGen, to buy N machines for a co-generation system, which was a pretty highly advanced system of its type. Anyway, Southern California Edison put them out of business because it got a list of their customers through some Law, and renegotiated the power rates lower so that the customers did not need to buy the machines anymore. More recently I have appeared on KPFK in Los Angeles, an independent, non-commercial, subscription supported station, very powerful 120 thousand watts or so FM. The most powerful FM station west of the Mississippi. And as soon as my name is mentioned one night on one of my shows, which was not even known that it was going to be on, the power went off for three hours. Now this may all be coincidental, and I may be paranoid. In the case of the power going off at the transmitter there was supposed to be some transformer maintenance, but it was scheduled for the following days. This was a Tuesday show, and it was suppose to happen Thursday. And without notice, as soon as Bruce DePalma was announced as the most controversial guest the talk show host Roy Tucuman has had on, then the juice went off and didn’t reappear for three hours. We also did a show that night, but nevertheless things like this happen. And of course any kind of deal that I have tried to put together over the years, no matter how carefully researched and no matter how carefully documented and how well thought out and put together by lawyers and technical people, everything has fizzled out at the high end somewhere. So you go through this year in and year out and you wonder what’s going on.

And you get no response from the responsible agencies in the government who you think should do something about this. For instances, NASA was finally instructed by a couple of congressmen, after I was on a U.S. wide daily talk show – The Chuck Harder ‘For The People’ show out of Florida – they requested NASA to do an investigation and they fiddled and piddled and made dates and changed dates, and then it all just went away. Air Force people came to see me and they said they cannot do this except on their free time, and it can’t be known that they are associated with this. You have to see that after a while the message comes through to you that you are operating in a very strange kind of environment where most of the people around you believe that the laws of right and wrong and reason, the belief in the Constitution and lawyers and all of this is a kind of philosophy we hold on to, but the real activity going on is a collection of corrupt lawyers in cahoots with corrupt businessmen and politicians who will do anything to maintain their control over fixed resources and then guarantee themselves some sort of income because they are sitting on all of it and we have to have it, and we have to pay for it piece by piece, every gallon, every kilowatt hour of electricity has to be paid for. And the thought that someone might have an independent source of energy in their own home which could disconnect from this, of course is not to be thought at all. It is too unthinkable And if there is any cognizance paid to this sort of technology it is immediately classified and applied to military instruments; the most modern of which use enormous quantities of electricity. That is: Laser Death Rays, and Ship Propulsion Systems, Space Battle Station Power Systems, Mars Station Power Systems, and on and on...

So from the perspective of seeing things from Australia, I see America as a place where a lid was put on Science, and it started in the late ’50′s when "Secrecy" started happening and "Classified" conditions exist. And then there were layers and layers of classification and "need to know" and probably only certain "eyes only" committees, and so on… And it all adds up to the fact that Science, which thrives on the free interchange of ideas, is completely stopped in its tracks when no communication is allowed to exist. If this is not bad enough, we are living on a planet which has a collision in process between the number of people it can feed and sustain and the number of people that live here, and something has to be resolved about that. So any technological answers would be very welcome in a world which is going to starve to death, and maybe fight about it in the same way.

By putting a lid on technology and sequestering all the new information to themselves the only focus of it could be on military instruments and the idea of a people powered society non-taxable, uncontrollable, perfectly free group of people who are trying to learn how to live and get along by themselves – this is not a good thing for those planners and economic doctors, lawyers, politician and businessmen, all of whom have it all figured out down to the last stroke, providing the assets are fixed. So the reason I left America is because I think that America has passed the point of no return, as far as its ability to recover itself. Here in Australia the Australians more or less agree that they are thirty yeas behind the American, but what that means is that they still have a chance to recover themselves if they pursue an independent, non-aligned Energy Policy of their own. So basically what I am suggesting is this: It has gone on for too long now. We have global Energy Networks; Information Hot-lines which have copies of all the Free Energy papers circulating around the globe. This global awareness bypasses the Universities and all the fixed monoliths that stand on the way to progress. And if your readership is really interested in understanding the papers and the experiments and so forth, they shouldn’t depend on the local professors to give them any help whatsoever because that whole educational dinosaur of a fixed University is obsolete by the global satellite computer interface University where all information is available instantaneously from somewhere, all you need is a computer and a modem. So people can tune into the Free Energy Network, and I do not have the figures at my fingertips right now, so you certainly could tell your readers about that. People in Australia are establishing a Free Energy Network computer access system where all the papers of all the people can be accessed.

This brings me around to the final point that I wanted to make in this letter, and that is my interest in bringing Free Energy into the world at a time when the world needs it, there’s no doubt, there is no question that Free Energy does exist and there is also no doubt and there is also no question that the world is in big trouble. Energy being the source of all of our activities, if we can improve our take on the production of Energy, we would be helping this a lot! And I am not just pushing for the N machine – The Rotating Magnet Space Power Generator, because this is only one of a number of different devices and machines which can elicit Free Energy. So what I am basically pushing for over here is a political awareness the Free Energy does exist and that is worthy of a place in the panoply of sciences like everything else, and that a laboratory should be established and open to those interested in this and this exclusively. The object of all this would be to produce power plants for non-polluting, self sustaining future for our planet. So the N machine may not be the "be all and the end all", but it is one of a number of apparatus which has been shown to produce excess electrical output over mechanical input. I think the N machine being as powerful as it is, is more suitable to drive cities, airplanes, ships and locomotives than it is automobiles and homes.

There may be smaller versions of different principles which may be more applicable and able to be built in large quantities for that application; but in the meantime I have a suggestion, and that is the Earth could adopt a Hydrogen economy. A Hydrogen economy based on gas developed out of the electrolysis of water generated out of N machines could produce Hydrogen at a third to a fifth of the cost at which Hydrogen is generally sold and distributed right now. This makes it a practical fuel for the automobile. Anyone could have a Hydrogen generator in their basement. They could have a tank of hydride through which the Hydrogen generated could bubble and charge this thing up, it could also service the stove and the air-conditioner, the heating and refrigeration uses of the home. Many people have thought about the Hydrogen economy and how we could slowly merge the fossil fuel economy into it, and then we could go into the all electric economy after that. But as a intermediate thought, an N machine which does not have to be powerful enough to be self-sustaining is very, very effective in electrolysis of water at low voltages and very high currents. And so such machines could be made cheaply, in fact they could be built by hand and electrolyzers attached to the output voltages and they could be driven by electric motors from the power grid or by gasoline engines or water power, wind power...

And these Hydrogen generators could charge Hydride in the fashion of the system developed by a man who was also harassed by the Government, Gerald Schafflander. Dr. Schafflander, as far as I understand, operated back in the seventies, built a Hydrogen car with the idea of producing the Hydrogen from electricity developed by solar cells in a desert environment with no clouds; and Hydrogen thus produced from the solar cells and the water, was then bubbled through a tank of Hydride which was then put in the trunk of the car and a small heating element liberated the Hydrogen which was then put into tubing to a carburetor adjusted for the burning of Hydrogen and the automobile or truck operated perfectly normal. Now this scheme is very applicable to our present society and of course produces no pollution at all, and the amount of Hydrogen which can be developed out of fossil fuels is much greater than you would get from the heat you would get from just burning the fossil fuels themselves. So the gain happens to consist in the electrolyzer N machine combination which seem to fit each other.

With that thought, your readers might consider constructing Hydrogen generator systems based on N machines and electrolytic cells and then digging out Schafflander’s patent, or even to see if Schafflander is still in jail – put there by the SEC for the same kind of frivolous reasons they have been hassling Paul Brown and William Hyde. Maybe we could get Schafflander to come out. This system is very practical and will completely stop the burning of fossil fuel, petroleum and stop the production of smog and acid rain. So let’s think about that. Thank you for your continuing support of my work.

Bruce E. DePalma

Three Essential DePalma Truths:

In the three-decades following Bruce DePalma's ex-communication from the orthodox priesthood of science, he demonstrated three essential truths:

  1. Gravitation and Inertia are not equivalent. Contrary to Einstein's assumption, rotation alters both gravitation and inertia, making them both variable under its influence.

  2. There exists a generally unrecognized 'mass field' of polarized inertia around a real rotating object. This field affects the properties of matter, energy and living systems exposed to it.

  3. A rotating magnetized gyroscope (homopolar generator) does not conform to the Law of Conservation of Energy.

After a lifetime of resistance to these emerging new energy concepts in the United States, DePalma finally sought a more favorable climate for his experimental and theoretical pursuits. He found support and acceptance in New Zealand, ultimately becoming a permanent resident. During the last five-years of his life, DePalma would build three separate prototypes with the assistance of New Zealand and Australian investors. The second unit was calorimetrically tested by University of Auckland faculty and shown to produce 1.25 watts for every 1-watt of input power. The question of where the one-piece Faraday Disc (N-machine/Space Power Generator) derives its energy remains unanswered by mainstream science. Since there is no relative motion between magnet and conductor, it is believed that only space itself can be the medium from which its power is precipitated. Indeed, the Free Energy paradigm rests on the reality of space as a dynamic medium, wherein all potentials are isotropically (uniformly) distributed. When rotation is coupled (superposed) with a magnetic field, the combined effect is a potent distortion of space sufficient to cause electrons to 'pop' into existence within an N-machine's conductors. Quantum Theory now admits that particles are being created and destroyed all the time, moving in and out of existence at random. This is referred to as Zero Point Energy fluctuations, and is now accepted to be a viable explanation for what we observe in several Free Energy technologies.

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